Submitted by: Wyrmcreature
Date: 2017-09-06 12:55

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If the plane has less than full health, it is about to do a fatal crash, Roll Die.
1-2 engine failure, three more die rolls, get 5-6 to get them working again.
3-5 wing flap stuck, break them loose, -1 health* or roll a 6 to save the plane.
6 You manage to straighten out the dive, no effect.
* Toolkit (bonus card) will cancel damage effect.
Toolkit (bonus card)
You got a new shiny tool kit from the nearest supply store.
+2 health. // Tip. This card maybe able to cancel effects on other cards.
Supreme skies.
Everything is going just right, the wind are in your favor and the engine(s) are sounding great. +1 speed, +1 attack for two turns.
Card effect: Ongoing.
Co-op mission (Gameplay rule, idea)
Choose an opponent to help you solve this mission, if accepted, you have to complete the co-op mission tasks and both return to claim the mission reward, both get equal or if other stated on the card, the card is always right.


Kan någon med halv- sjukersättning ta tjänstledigt ifrån sitt nuvarande arbete och starta upp ett eget företag på sin arbetsföra tid, under tjänstledigheten och samtidigt ha kvar sin sjukersättning?


Hi Mads,
Yes this is the right e-mail and thank you so much for writing to me.
I am still very interested in your Smartsuite Pro and hopefully I can buy at least one this autumn. (almost 1 and a half year late)
So it´s not at that time yet, I am sorry.
On the upside, my current work now have a date in early august when I will take time off for this and for once preparation is going well on schedule this time.