Submitted by: Wyrmcreature
Date: 2017-11-29 11:18

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Cargo Escape
if any wild animal on board the plane, they have escaped and making a ruckus.
Ongoing: until there is no wild animals left on board.
-1 health each turn any wild animal is onboard.
(Homemade autopilot bonus card will cancel effect)

High torque, output.
Over sea (no land in sight) +2 speed.
Near a shore +1 speed

Homemade autopilot (Bonus card).
(Crowbar at steering wheel).
Cannot turn, but will enable to fly over islands, cities and stations in 1 movement.

Bad Fuel.
You hear a strange sound coming from the engine, it start to output a cloud of black smoke. Must got some pretty bad fuel in the tank.
Ongoing: Until re: fueling at home or a fuel station (zeppelins included)
Throw die each turn, 6 is not good -1 health.
Opponents will suffer a -2 in attack penalty because they cannot see squat.

Swarm of seagulls “Please stop it now”.
Roll die:
1-2 nothing happened
3-5 -1 health if near land.
6 -2 health if near land.
*Refer land as any island, station or city.

Great, some parts.
Roll die:
1-3 +1 health
4-5 +2 health
6 +3 health

+1 speed this turn.

Cloud chaser (bonus card).
+1 speed
+2 attack
-1 fuel
Cargo limit 2 (if more, discard cargo until limit reached)

Radio Silence.
Can’t receive or send any signals, cannot take new mission cards from telephone.
Ongoing: 3 turns.

Black market.
Optional: Take the top mission card from the discard pile,
roll die to decide value, if 6 also get a bounty on your head.

Optional: Remove 1-3 fuel from tank to climb 1-3 levels,
each level will multiply your speed but cannot attack or land this turn.